About us

Harley Wines was established in 2012 when David Sonnenberg, the owner of Diemersfontein Wines and Nigel Harley, a resident of the Estate, decided that the discerning UK buyer of South African wine would like to know more of the history and philosophy behind the product they are buying.

While in South Africa we tried wines from many different producers and had an overwhelming interest. But to keep the portfolio balanced and manageable we struck up a deal with Zandvliet and Weltervrede wineries, both are over 100 years old and represent a very different style to Diemersfontein. Together they demonstrate the extremely diverse range of wines that can be made in South Africa.

The aim of Harley Wines is to build a loyal customer base providing them with a dependable service. The intention is to keep the company small, focused and responsive to our commercial and private client needs. We intend to be honest, transparent and sell wines to people who want them at a fair price and recognise exceptional quality.

Only so much wine can be made by each estate, and only so many people will ever get to enjoy it. In 2013 for the first time in recorded history less wine will be made than will be drunk globally… thank goodness for past vintages! With that in mind you have to realise that not everyone will get to drink the fine selection brought over by Harley Wines, and not everyone will want to, wine is such a subjective pleasure we wouldn't want to foist our wines upon the unwilling. So when choosing your wines think carefully about what you’d enjoy and if you’re in doubt then just ask!

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