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Founded in 2007 by an American investor (Blake Heinemann) one of many visitors to Uruguay who fell in love with the country. Run by two Uruguayan wine makers, both graduates of the College of Vitiviniculture in Canelones; Valentina Gatti & AnalĂ­a Lazaneo who chose the site, the clones and the million other things you have to when building a vineyard from scratch. They only produce 3 Wines, and they only make 600 cases of each of those. A rare wine to have the opportunity to taste, let alone to purchase.

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  • Carpe Diem Chenin Blanc 2016

    Carpe Diem Chenin Blanc 2016

    • £15.00 per bottle

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    • A nose of citrus and pineapple, taste of green apples and pears with warm toasty biscuit aromas to add balance good acid lends to this wines fine length and compatibility with many flavourful dishes.

  • Coffee Pinotage 2017

    Coffee Pinotage 2017

    • £11.50 per bottle

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    • The wine exudes rich mocha aromas with red fruit, plum and cherries. The palate shows distinct characters of coffee and chocolate, which is balanced with smooth velvety tannins and a lingering after taste makes this wine great for every occasion.