Dalla Cia

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Dalla Cia is a unique combination of age-old Italian tradition and a passion for innovation. Established by legendary winemaker Giorgio Dalla Cia, the originator of the very first Bordeaux-style blend in South Africa (Rubicon), Dalla Cia is synonymous with exceptional quality, authenticity and progressive thinking.

The Dalla Cia venture in South Africa began in 1996, when Giorgio, who was winemaker at Meerlust at the time, created a Grappa Distillery on the historic estate. This is not after all where the family’s origins lie - the Dalla Cia’s have been distilling Grappa in Friuli, Italy since the 1920's.

In 2001, in celebration of his 60th birthday, Giorgio produced the first wine under the Dalla Cia name. The immediate success of his label inspired the next step in his illustrious career, when, in 2004, he decided to focus his attention on the family business with his son George.

The first thing that father and son did was to look for a new home for their distillery in a small industrial area that was being re-developed in Stellenbosch. Bosman's Crossing is now the heart of the Dalla Cia enterprise, a base from which the family is continually expanding their expertise into new areas.

In addition to producing five different wines and four varieties of grappa, Dalla Cia also make delicious grappa based Swiss chocolates and own an authentic Italian food & wine bar - Pane E Vino - next to the distillery, which gives patrons the opportunity to experience the true meaning of Italian hospitality.

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